Old Town Book(s) Club, Take 2, Sugar Run!

Some of our wonderful book club members!

Some of our wonderful book club members!

Hello Book Friends!

Yesterday morning we held a wildly successful second edition of our very own Old Town Book(s) Club, discussing Mesha Maren’s debut novel Sugar Run. We got 24 very enthusiastic readers and commenters in our store to talk about the book, about half of whom by our count were first-timers, though by the end nobody could tell which half; so if you’re on the fence about joining the book club as a new member for April, don’t hesitate - everyone’s welcome! We are, of course, extremely grateful to our regular customer and bookstagrammer Casey (@caseythereader) for hosting the club; not only was this our second book club, it was her first ever time hosting this or any club, and she did a great job leading the discussion - you’re a natural, Casey! Sugar Run is a heavy book, but everyone praised its honest depiction of the rough life in rural West Virginia and its powerful prose that created a tangibly real atmosphere.


Whether you’ve attended either of our first two book clubs or not, we’d love to have you for April’s club! We’ll be meeting to discuss Susan Orlean’s The Library Book, a beautifully-crafted work of nonfiction about the fire that devastated Los Angeles’ Central Library in 1986 which expands outwards into a celebration of the cultural role of libraries. Our very own bookseller/floor manager Matt will be leading the club, which meets April 6 at 10:00 AM, and as always, it’s free to attend, if you buy the book from us you’ll get a 15% discount, and there will be coffee and donuts!

Happy reading, and hope to see you in the shop soon!

-Team OTB

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