Upcoming Event: Shop Tunes IRL feat. Kyshona Armstrong

The talented Kyshona Armstrong

The talented Kyshona Armstrong

Hello Book Friends!

As some of you will already know, we’re really excited to be welcoming Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kyshona Armstrong to our shop on Saturday, March 23 at 7:00 PM for the second installment of our Shop Tunes IRL concert series, where you get to hear the songs we play in the shop performed live by the artists who wrote them! If you who didn’t know about this event that’s coming up in just two weeks - get your tickets here! - or even if you did but were unfamiliar with Kyshona’s music, then this post is our little introduction for you!

Kyshona Armstrong’s music is a soul-inflected blend of various American musical styles, including blues, folk, gospel, and even hip-hop; her voice is as powerful as her songwriting is deep - reminiscent of Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and Etta James. She has released three albums, her latest is 2016’s “The Ride”. Kyshona is also a licensed art therapist, who has used her music to work with incarcerated people and the mentally ill; she believes that music has an unrivaled power to tap into human emotions, and the music she’s released certainly backs up that point! If you want to find out more about Kyshona, go to her website at kyshona.com, check out this NPR interview with her in which she’s described as “one of the most compassionate and uplifting voices in Nashville today,” or of course come check her out for yourself at the shop on the 23rd!

Happy listening, and hope to see you in the shop soon!

-Team OTB